Weekly Greeting, June 8, 2017

Good Afternoon Church Family!


"It was one of the best church experiences we have had!"


What does someone mean when they utter those words? Was the music marvelous? Was the message moving? Inspirational? Was the food at coffee hour delightfully delicious? Was the fellowship warm and friendly?


My guess is that the answer is some combination of the options listed above.


What is more, in this case I think that the answer is mostly about you!


The quote was the response that I received from our guest preacher on Sunday. Mike is a good friend and colleague, and he is not prone to hyperbole. So, when he says that he and his daughter 'had one of the best church experiences' he is being honest, and he is talking about you.


You offered Mike and Stephanie a warm welcome ... hospitality. Not because I was watching, or because I told you to do it, but rather because that is what you do and who you are. It can be stressful providing pulpit supply. You walk into a "strange" congregation, unsure of how the service goes, or which "rituals" must be observed. You do not know what landmines may be set out on the carpet before you, and you want to provide a meaningful worship service to those who are gathered there.


Thank you for welcoming them and making them feel at ease. Thank you for being you!


And while I am on the "thank you" train ...


Thank you to the FCON Flippers and friends for providing the community with our pancake breakfast! I heard that it was a very busy morning!


Thank you to the clean up crew! Barbara was very impressed with how thoroughly you cleaned the vestry!


Thank you to the train ride crew at Community Day! It is a fun, but long day ... and you took in over $1000 for our Christian Education ministries!




This Weekend at Federated Church:


We have a much quieter weekend this week.


Saturday ... take the day off!


Worship and Sunday school, Sunday 10:00 AM ... We gather as we do for worship. My good friend and former colleague, William Ness, will be with us as our guest organist and choir director. He and our choir will be providing our beautiful music this week. The message, "No Time to Sit," will be based upon Matthew 28:16-20. The Sunday school children and youth will be helping to make decorations for our upcoming Vacation Bible School.


Please remain after worship and Sunday school for fellowship and refreshments.


PYF, Trip to Purgatory Chasm, noon - 4:00 PM ... the PYF youth will be heading to Purgatory Chasm to explore that natural wonder. Lunch will be provided. Please let me know if your children or grandchildren plan to attend.


We Need You:


Vacation Bible School Volunteers ... Please consider helping out at VBS this year. It runs June 26 - 30, 9:00 AM - noon. If you can help a day or two, or all five, your help will be greatly appreciated. It is a lot of fun and a great way to get to know that children from the church family!


Also ... please be sure to fill out registration forms for children planning to participate in VBS this year.


Soup Kitchen, June 17 ... Our next soup kitchen is next Saturday. Please look for the sign-up sheets, recipes and baking pans in the vestry.


The Family at Prayer:


Dennis Chandler asks for prayers for his friend, Mitchell Swan and his family. Mitchell's son, Andrew, died on Monday from severe brain trauma that he suffered in a skate boarding accident. Andrew just graduated from high school last month.


Lynn Riley asks for prayers for her friend Carol. Carol was just diagnosed with colon cancer.


We pray for all of those who were killed and injured in the terror attacks of the last few days.


Our Music Director, Daniel, is heading off for a wonderful opportunity ... a concert tour in Italy, Turkey, Washington state, Washington DC and Oregon. We wish him well, and we pray for his safety as he travels overseas.


May God bless you and keep you. May God's face shine upon you and give you peace.


Pastor Scott


Reverend Scott W. Cousineau



The Federated Church of Norfolk

1 Union Street

Norfolk, MA 02056