Jeanne Groff, Deacon for Life

Board of Deacons The Board of Deacons is responsible for the spiritual welfare and direction of the Church. It is comprised of twelve elected deacons plus a Deacon-at-Large who is an officer of the Church. The deacons plan and support all of our worship services, provide hospitality to our members, friends and guests, and pastoral care to our membership. The Deacons visit our shut-in members, and support the community through the Deacon’s Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Deacon?

The term deacon applies to both men and women. The Diaconate at the Federated Church of Norfolk shall consist of twelve (12) elected deacons plus a Deacon-at-Large who is an officer of the Church. The twelve (12) elected deacons will be nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected at the annual meeting. All nominees shall be members of the Federated Church of Norfolk. Four (4) deacons will be elected each year for a three (3) year term.

What are the duties of a Deacon?

The Diaconate shall be responsible for the spiritual welfare of the church. To accomplish their duties the Diaconate selects from their membership a Chairman (or Co-chairmen), a Deacon’s Treasurer, and a Deacon’s Clerk.

What is the Deacon’s Fund?

The Deacons Fund is a special collection taken each month before Communion. It is used to help those in our community with special and sometimes unexpected needs of many kinds Thank you for your continued generosity and support of this fund.

What are the Duties of the Deacon Chair and Co Chair?

The officers of the Church are accountable to the Executive committee. The Chairman of the Diaconate shall:

  1. Direct all activities of the Diaconate.

  2. Assist the Pastor in the service of Baptism.

  3. Assist the Pastor in the admission of new members.

  4. Represent the Diaconate at Executive committee.

What are the Duties of the Deacon-at-Large?

  1. Be available as a liaison between the Pastor and the Diaconate, and between the Pastor and the Executive committee.

  2. Be available to the Pastor for special projects and assignments.

  3. Act as a non voting ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

  4. Act as a voting member of the Diaconate.

  5. Our current Deacon-at-Large is Roy Kuphal.

What are the duties of the Diaconate?

  1. Be responsible for the spiritual welfare of the Church.

  2. Prepare the communion table and assist the Pastor in administering the elements of the communion service. Communion shall be served the first Sunday of each month, unless otherwise directed by the Church or the Executive committee.

  3. Be responsible for collecting the special offering taken at each regular communion service. Funds collected will make up the Communion Fund which will be used to care for people with emergency needs as determined by the Chairman of Deacons, the Pastor, and the Deacon's Treasurer.

  4. Lead the worship service if the Pastor is not available. Secure interim and supply Pastors as needed.

  5. Develop programs for the growth of the Church.

  6. Appoint a head usher yearly.

  7. Establish and maintain permanent subcommittees for the following: music, altar guild, missions, visiting and Church delegates.

What are Deacons for Life?

Those who have served the church as a Deacon for many years may be recommended by the Executive Committee and honored by the congregation at annual meeting by being designated as Deacons for Life. As such they may attend all Deacons Meetings if they choose to do so. Our congregation currently has two Deacons for Life: Jeanne Groff and Vida Holmes. Their names are listed on a plaque in the sanctuary along with the names of those who have received this honor in the past.

Your Deacons are:
  1. Kim Armitage

  2. Marilyn Bourque

  3. Jeff Chaffee

  4. Dennis Chandler

  5. Jon Davies

  6. Maureen DiMilla, Chair

  7. Carolyn Kelley

  8. Rich Murphy

  9. Len Myatt

  10. Lynn Riley

  11. Anne Hughes Smith

  12. Gay Zervos

Deacon at Large:
  1. Roy Kuphal

Deacons for Life:
  1. Jeanne Groff

  2. Vida Holmes