This was submitted by the Search Committee to the Norfolk Boomerang and printed in the edition just before September 28, when Rev. Scott Cousineau became our pastor.

Federated Church Welcome New Pastor

This Sunday's 10 AM service at the Federated Church should be very special. It marks a transition from a nearly three year period of interim ministry to the welcoming of a "settled pastor."

"Our so-called intentional interim minister, Rev. Stephen Alspach, has done a masterful job of helping us through a difficult time, and regain our sense of focus and mission," says Len Myatt, chair of recent Pastor Search committee. "But now we are all beside ourselves with happiness and excitement as we look forward to this weekend and our future with Rev. Scott Cousineau."

As a community church, the search committee wanted to find a pastor who was well attuned to the needs of the people of Norfolk. Pastor Scott, as he likes to be referred to, comes with a background particularly suited to families, Christian education, and building a sense of community. "Pastor Steve helped us through a visioning process. One of the outcomes was a statement which captures the essence of our church," reports Len Myatt. Where Church feels like home and the People feel like family. So, it came as no surprise to everyone in the church when they found out that their new minister, Pastor Scott, was the son of a former Christian Education director, Rev. Jan Hryniewicz (now of Union Church, Biddeford Pool, Maine). "So many of us loved Jan when she was here, we now feel like we have a native son."

"We are very much like a big family," says Len, "yes, with all of the pleasantries and complexities that statement evokes." As for Pastor Scott, Len says he might feel like an uncle to the kids in town. You might well find him at a ball field rooting-on the boys and girls or conducting a Christmas pageant with little actors and live animals. "Pastor Scott tells a funny story about a Christmas pageant held in a more formal sanctuary with marble flooring. I guess the hoofed animals had some difficulty with their footing." But that wont be a problem in the quaint and carpeted sanctuary at the Federated Church.

On Sunday, October 28, the church service will be the final one for Pastor Steve, and the first for Pastor Scott. In a rather original format, the service will be jointly conducted by the two, and represents the passing of the shepherd's crock from a fine man of God to the next. The service will be enriched by the Willie Sardillo Jazz quartet, which is composed of a sax, piano, upright bass, and vocalist.

"We find Pastor Scott to be fun, engaging, entertaining and inspiring." To anyone interested in this Sunday's historical event, Len offers the church's new mission statement: Welcoming. Serving. Seeking Christ Together. Come Worship Christ with Us.